Friday, May 12, 2017

This Happens Far More Times Than Reported

 From the London Telegraph:  A 
police officer’s generous act for a desperate woman who appeared in court for shoplifting groceries to feed her family has been praised online.
Sheena Davenport, from Alabama, was stopped in court by officer Katrina from the Dothan Police Department as she collected her paperwork.
“I had an officer stop and tell me to wait for her outside. I proceeded outside for her to tell me to follow her,” she recalled.
Ms Davenport later revealed in a Facebook post she had been forced to shoplift groceries from a Walmart store last year so she could feed her family.
“I went to court for shoplifting food from Walmart almost a year ago,” she explained. “[We] were struggling like no other and didn't know what to do.”
After her appearance in court, the kind-hearted officer brought her to a supermarket.  
“She told me to ‘grab a buggy and let’s go shopping’,” Ms Davenport said. “Officer Katrina spent $139 on food for [my family].”
The mother added: “After I told her she didn't have to do it, she started telling me her struggle and how she made it through.
“There are still people out there who make a difference and when my time comes I will pay it forward.”
This k8nd of story happens far mire often than what is reported. It may be a police officer,  firefighter, social worker or an unknown person who pays it forward but they don't  want the publicity.  I've paid for astranger's groceries more than a few times even if I didn't know the person.
Thank goodness for people like Officer Katrina and people like her.

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