Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Another Reason Not To Eat At An Elite Chef's Diner

If this lady owns a diner, I hope goes down in flames specturally. 
From the New York Post:  
Sandra Lee refused to let House Speaker Paul Ryan join her cooking segment on Fox Newsand told him “I need you to go away.”
The celebrity chef and longtime girlfriend ofNew York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, a Democrat, was not happy after learning her segment on Tuesday’s “Fox & Friends” would directly follow an interview with Ryan, and banished the Republican leader from her TV kitchen.
The source told Page Six, “Paul Ryan was on the segment before Sandra, and the hosts asked him to hang around for Sandra’s cooking feature to try the food. But in the break before her demo, she said to Ryan and some others there, ‘I need you to go away so I can collect my thoughts, prepare, and get ready for the segment.”.....
The source continued, “It wasn’t a very friendly ‘Fox & Friends.’ Sandra wasn’t even comfortable with having Paul Ryan on the same stage as her during the commercial break, never mind on air. It was very frosty. She simply does not believe in anything Ryan believes in.”
I never heard of this "chef' before, so she probably  is an average cook; with skills on par with a Squidward Tentacles as far as skills are conerned.
But as far as being nice and kind human being are concerned, she probaby ranks a little higher than Atilla the Hun but below Bernie Madoff.
It seems to me that anyone who has sone kind of relationship probably would be wise and not go to her diner.

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