Saturday, May 27, 2017

Hells Angels Going Green?

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I really don't live a sheltered life, but yesterday, I saw my first Hell's Angel biker with his vest on and he was from the California delegation.
He was shopping at the local Kmart with his good looking female companion.  He didn't look to be very scary, as it is rumored that Hells Angels aren't exactly up for sainthood.
In the parking lot, there was a nice blue and large Harley Davidson motorcycle and I thought it was probably his.
But about 5 minutes, some small looking guy with an older woman got on the motorcycle and rode away.
Well, this made me curious as to what this big bad biker dude was driving and when they got out, they got into this car:

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Yep, an electric car, the Chevy Volt.
It's nice to see the Hells Angels are going green.  I wonder how this would play out at the Sturgis motorcycle rally, if a bunch of Hells Angels drove up in their electric cars.

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