Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Hey Bozo, If You Want To See A Loser, Look In The Mirror

Before all the bodies of the murdered kids and adults, the fake newspaper, the New York Daily News decided that an unprofessional "journalist " decided that it wanted to be political and run an opinion piece calling President Trump a loser.
From the Fake News and "writer of words, Gersh Kuntzman: 
Oy vey, our President is such a loser!
By now, the entire world is talking about the horrific Manchester terror attack that killed 22 and injured scores. But attention is now also turning to President Trump's horrific comments in the aftermath. In his first test of public speaking after a terror attack, the frat boy bro from Queens — who has spent his entire adult life vanquishing the demon of low self image — called the perpetrators "losers."
Reading the text of Trump's comments is one thing, but hearing it is another. Click on the video above. It's essential because only by watching Trump read his prepared remarks that you realize that Trump isn't merely saying, "These guys are losers." He's just recalling some high school taunt from the 1980s to define terrorism. http://www.nydailynews.com/news/world/trump-juvenile-stance-calling-terrorists-losers-article-1.3188488
This loser unprofessional writer" is the loser along with the terrorists and the "writer" and terrorists have a lot in common.
They both have strong hatred of people they disagree with. 
They both believe in an ideology that is harmful to others.
Tterrorists and writer both have their own version of the truth.
Both the writer and terrorist are mentally unstable.
both the terrorist and writer don't care about the consequences of their actions.
Both the writer and terrorist are extremists.
While the terrorist uses bombs to hurt people, the writer uses a computer to spew his hate and tries to emotionally kill a person.
And finally, both the terrorist and writers are losers.  Also include the Fake Newspaper. 

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