Sunday, April 30, 2017

The Answer Alex Is 1296

Today marks 100 days President Trumphas been office.
Many people are ticked at Trump because he hasn't cured cancer, defeated ISIS and every family will have a chicken in their pot.
For me, I would give Trump a grade of an A.
No big terrorist attack, prices on just about everything have remained steady and the border has been more secure , nominated a conservative to the Supreme Court and overturning many of ex-president Obama executive orders.  Many people and pundits have talked about the first 100 days in office and  what Trump has done and most of them say Trump sucks.
But there are 1296 days left in Trump's first term, plenty of time to get things done.  And if Trump goes for a 2nd term, we will have another 2425 days to pissed off liberals.
Plenty of time.

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