Saturday, April 8, 2017

Treason: U.S. Media Supports Syrian Military Over U.S.'s Military And President Trump

This reporting is just downright treasonous.
From the LA Times: It was less than a couple of hours before dawn when Wael Zefa heard a “horrific amount of noise” rumbling through the east Syrian village of Shayrat.
During the six years of civil war ravaging Syria, Zefa has become used to the sounds of mortar shells and rockets. But nothing like this.
“What we heard this morning … their sound was very, very loud,” he said.
Explosions ripped through the morning. The ground shook. Windows broke. Walls cracked.
What Zefa and his neighbors experienced was the pounding of Tomahawk cruise missiles launched by the U.S. to clobber the Syrian government’s Shayrat airfield, less than a mile from the village.
A total of 60 missiles were fired at 4:40 a.m. Friday in response to an apparent chemical weapons attack this week, blamed by the U.S. on the government of Syrian President Bashar Assad, that killed an estimated 70 people in the rebel-held province of Idlib.
Zefa’s house was shaken so severely that a chunk of the roof broke off and smashed to the ground.
“There was no way we could stay at home,” Zefa, 38, said by phone from where he and his family have sought shelter.
Zefa quickly sent his wife and four children to a nearby bunker before running to his roof for a better view. What was unfolding, he would learn later, was a new front in America’s involvement in Syria: After thousands of airstrikes directed at Islamist militants, U.S. missiles for the first time were directly targeting Syrian military assets....
For residents of Shayrat and other villages, the airbase was instrumental in keeping at bay Islamic State militants hiding in the eastern desert of Homs.
Now with the base so severely damaged, Mohammad Zefa, a distant cousin of Wael Zefa, expected Islamic State to try to advance to the village.
“Women and children have already started to leave Shayrat to go to Homs city. We’re not afraid of airstrikes. Our fear is the attack from the east,” he said.
For him, Friday’s attack was “proof that the U.S. helps Daesh.” He referred to Islamic State by its Arabic acronym.
So, except for 2 small sentences in the article about the chemical weapon attacks by the Syrian government, in which the killers came from that base that was bombed, the rest of the story tries to have the reader become sympathetic to the murderous Syrian army and their supporters.
If ex-president Obama had ordered the air strikes, the media would be heaping praise on Obama for being so strong against the murderous traitors.
This is why the media is so hated int he U.S..  The media, because they hate President Trump so much, would rather be friends with mass murderers.  
The LA Times and Nabih Bulos are traitors, almost as bad as Benedict Arnold.
This is some information about Bulos: LA Times Middle East correspondent Nabih Bulos has also contributed to NPR and Al Jazeera English. Bulos was born in Jordan. His reporting has also appeared in the New York Times, The Telegraph, and on NPR.
Bulos is a big liberal working for Al Jazeera, a pro terrorist "media" outlet.

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