Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Why Chicago Is All Screwed Up

Over the weekend, there were 2 major incidents.
First, there was a judge who handled criminal cases. and he was killed in cold in front of his home..
The 2nd, some thug doctor was thrown off a United airplane, after he was asked to get off the plane.
So, who gets the most publicity?
Why the passenger who got thrown off the plane.
For the airplane doctor thug, I don't blame the airline that much.  They overbooked the flight, which they are allowed to do.  They offered compensation per FAA regulations.  And then they randomly picked passengers to be forced to leave and allow the other passengers to get on the plane again, under FAA regulations.
United didn't do anything legally wrong.
Would I be pissed if it happened to to me?  Probably, unless the compensation package was too low.
But the passengers wee chosen at random, according to FAA rules and the the thug doctor basically said he was better than anybody else and said he was too important to be picked.  
What a crock.
The situation could have been handled better but United did follow the rules.

Now, for the murdered off duty judge.
Here much about it?
From the Chicago Tribune: Chicago police say the attempted armed robbery of a slain Cook County judge and his injured girlfriend early Monday was not a random act while announcing murder and other charges against the first of several suspects.
Police also revealed that shell casings found outside the judge's Far South Side home matched ballistics evidence from an attempted armed robbery in the early morning hours three months ago. The victim was shot and wounded.
At a news conference Wednesday evening at police headquarters, Chief of Detectives Melissa Staples answered few questions, emphasizing that the investigation remained "open and ongoing" and that more details would come out in court Thursday. But she did call the attack on Associate Judge Raymond Myles and his girlfriend "a targeted robbery." However, Staples wouldn't say if it was the judge or his girlfriend who was the target of the robbery.
According to the Cook County state's attorney's office, Joshua T. Smith, 37, was charged with first-degree murder, attempted murder, aggravated battery with a firearm and armed robbery.
So, you have a sitting judge get murdered in front of his house and he gets murdered in cold blood.
The main thug suspect is still on the run.
The judge was Black and yet not much is known  about him.  Black Lives Don't Matter never held a rally for him.
And he is hardly known. but the white thug passenger who got pulled off the airplane, well, he is well known now.
Typical Chicago where no none knows your name.

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  1. Aviana here - it won't accept my name....

    As a retired ICU RN, health care workers absence from the job causes many problems. I wrote to United suggesting that they leave health care workers (after verifying that they are working the next day), first responders and police off the "bump" list. During an inflight emergency, these are the people who respond and aid the passengers in flight without compensation.