Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Liberals Still Don't Get The 2016 Elections

Good news!! Liberals still don't know why they got creamed big time in the 2016 elections.
From the Chicago Tribune: The discussion over who is to blame for Hillary Clinton's 2016 loss to Donald Trump has suddenly flared up again. A New York Times report over the weekend revealed new details about FBI director James Comey's decision to reveal newly discovered emails that ultimately proved irrelevant — yet had a large impact on the election's outcome.
The Times report makes Comey's intervention look even more suspect, particularly in light of his refusal to divulge anything about the ongoing investigation into possible Trump campaign collusion with Russian efforts to tip the election to Trump. The chatter about the Clinton campaign's failures has also escalated with the publication of "Shattered," a new book about the election....
Most people agree on one thing about the 2016 election: That the simplest way to describe what happened is that demographics did not deliver for Democrats. The party and the Clinton campaign had good reason to be confident that the vaunted "Obama coalition" — the nonwhites, young voters, single women and college-educated whites who powered majority victories in the two previous national elections — would come through one more time, as Republicans had shown no signs of even trying to evolve culturally in sync with the preoccupations of those groups. But demographic destiny fell short of swamping Trump's margins among blue-collar and middle-income whites.  http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/opinion/commentary/ct-hillary-clinton-loss-blame-comey-20170424-story.html
The Democrats and Hillary lost because they forgot how to win elections.  They had lost over 1000 seats since ex-president Obama was elected.
Hillary was the worst candidate the Democrats could have had and she ran an absolutely horrible campaign while President Trump ran a great campaign and he reached out to the Democrats supposed strongest supporters.  Trump ran few campaign commercials about Hillary but more on issues and Clinton was hysterical about Trump, so much so, she numbed the audience.
And as polls show now, Trump would still beat Hillary...easily, months from James Comey and his talks about Hillary.
Liberals still don't get it and this "writer" shows he is clueless.

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