Thursday, April 27, 2017

London Islamic Terror Attack Thwarted

From the UK Daily Mail: The terror suspect who was detained with a 'rucksack full of knives' near Parliament square had been tracked on an intricate web of CCTV cameras by police and MI5.
Armed police 'swarmed like bees' on the bearded man just before 2.30pm after his concerned family reportedly alerted security services.
Witnesses said the man, who was wearing a tracksuit and trainers, was crossing Whitehall amid the usual crowds of tourists and political staff when a police car suddenly pulled up and officers confronted him, just five weeks after the Westminster terror attack killed that five people. 
But, unbeknown to him, the suspect had been tailed from the moment he got off the Underground at St James's Park - where he had travelled from east London - and headed towards Westminster.
While covert teams trailed him on the ground, a live feed was being sent to control rooms in New Scotland Yard and the MI5's Thames House before they gave the order for them to swoop in. 
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At least three knives were seen laying on the floor after a team of officers swooped and tackled the man to the ground
Great job by the London Metropolitan Police Dept. and those others that helped, including the failed terrorist's family.

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