Friday, April 28, 2017

A Trip To The Grand Canyon

I got a new job working at Home Depot stocking on the night.
So, this afternoon, a pit bull got into our yard and drove my 4 dogs nuts and so much to sleep.
I went for a drive north on Route 66 and went past Peach Springs, a small town on an Indian Reservation.
I went down Indian Highway18 and just drove to see what was thwere.
And I saw a fores, cows, some antelop, wild horses and then the south rom of the Grand Canyon.
Seeing the Canyon is free but the Havasupai Indian Reservation starts in the parking lot. If you want to hike, it will cost you $40. You can also go to Spain, AZ, which is a town of 200 people who down in the Canyon. There are no cars but they have a hotel and Cafe. You can get to the communityby hiking, helicopter or horse.
Here are some pictures I took:

And then I saw 2 fighter jets fly overhead, which was kind of strange.

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