Monday, February 8, 2016

RIP Rocky Rococo

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For those living in Wisconsin, especially around Madison, you knew about Rocky Rococo's Pizza and seen their great commercials on TV.
Well, the person behind Rocky Rococo died the other day.
The co-owners of Rocky Rococo Pizza aren’t sure what they are going to do for their annual Valentine’s Day celebration without the face of their business who combined a white jacket, round-rimmed sunglasses and a fedora with his Italian accent and great wit to become a Madison icon.
Jim Pederson, who sang the blues, rapped out poems and told silly stories as the Rocky Rococo character for TV and radio ads and did countless public appearances and charity work for the company for 40 years, died suddenly Thursday in Madison. He was 68.

Way back when, when Pederson, aka Rocky and Crazy TV Lenny were doing commercials at the same time, Wisconsin/Milwaukee/Madison TV commercials were very interesting and funny.
And, oh by the way, Rocky's is nice and cheesy and greasy.  It's a great pizza.

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