Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Oh, Yeah, That's It

This is why liberals and anti-gun nuts just belong in a mental hospital.
From jsonline, Milwaukee: I knew two of the 145 people killed in 2015 in Milwaukee, and like all of the people on the list, their deaths were senseless. One was widely publicized; the other was not....
We know what is contributing to such mayhem: There are more illegal guns on the streets today than ever before. Milwaukee cops are keeping pace with cities such as New York when it comes to confiscating illegal guns.  http://www.jsonline.com/news/opinion/list-of-the-murdered-hits-too-close-to-home-b99662497z1--367377741.html
Oh, right.
The guns just fire by themselves.
That everyone who fired gun illegally is just as pure as the wind driven snow.
That the cops are criticized at every turn.
The schools in Milwaukee are top notch.
There are no gang problems in Milwaukee.
The illegal drug trade in Milwaukee is completely under control.
The illegal gun just waddles up to a person and shoots the victim.
James Causey is the writer of the article and is a liberal.  Perhaps, that's another problem.
Liberal policies and politicians certainly contribute the murders in Milwaukee and other large liberal cities.

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