Monday, February 22, 2016

Pathetic Las Vegas Newspapers

Tomorrow is the GOP caucuses in Nevada.
In the Las Vegas Sun, ( there is nothing mentioned at all on their web site.  Even though they were hall to hall coverage in the Democrat caucuses for about 2 weeks, but nothing is mentioned  about the GOP caucuses.
However, the Sun is a liberal rag, owned and publisher and editorial write, Brian "Coward/Wimp Greenspun, who is a very pathetic human being and not very bright.
The Las Vegas Review Journal (  is just as bad.  Their lead story is some girl fell into a laundry chute.
And there is a small story on Ted Cruz and nothing about the caucuses.
Neither paper told Las Vegans how the GOP caucuses and where these meetings occur.  This supposed conservative newspaper is actually tracking towards liberal ism and this is further proof.
Clearly, there is a liberal bias in the Sun and LVRJ, which is a shame.  Led by (Coward) Greenspun, they just don't print things if there is a conservative story.
Just Pathetic.

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