Thursday, February 25, 2016

Liberal Media & Fox News Hypocrisy

Remember Cliven Bundy, the rancher in northeastern Clark County, who took on the BLM and temporarily won, before he was thrown in jail?
Of course you, because the liberal media and Fox News made it the big news story about a year ago. (He has since been arrested).
Well, earlier this week, in Park County, Colorado, a member of the lunatic, terrorist group, Occupy Denver.  The thug then tried to call in reinforcements to hold off the cops so he would not be foreclosed on and evicted.
But the reinforcements never arrived, so the dead thug then shot 3 deputies, 1 dead, critically and who went home today.
From the Denver Post:  A political activist opened fire on Park County sheriff's deputies trying to evict him from his mountain home Wednesday, killing one deputy and wounding two others. The gunman also died.
The shooting happened around 9:30 a.m. at the secluded Friendship Ranch subdivision, said Susan Medina, a Colorado Bureau of Investigation spokeswoman.
"It is a dark day," Medina said....
They were seeking to evict Martin Wirth, a 58-year-old Occupy Denver activist and former Green Party candidate for state Senate who had complained previously about law enforcement harassment.
Property records show Wirth defaulted on the property in 2013 and has been battling foreclosure and eviction....
A website for the Colorado Foreclosure Resistance Coalition had posted a notice in 2014 that Wirth faced eviction and urged people to go to the home to support him.
"We are now calling for a non-violent eviction resistance at Martin's," said a statement on the group's website. "(Wirth) has been an invaluable part of Occupy Denver from the very early days, he has sheltered people on several occasions as well as hosting the Occupy retreat. His property is an amazing mountain escape with lots of room for tents and camping."
And to show you that liberalism is a mental disease, Occupy Denver tried to make the dead thug the victim and not 1 word of condolence to the police officer, to his family or to the officer's friends or sheriff's department.
So, what does the dead thug and Bundy have in common?
1.  Both wanted something for free; dead thug his house and land, Bundy, grazing his cows on BLM land for free.
2.  Both supporters of Bundy and the dead thug were armed.
3.  Both hated parts of the government; the dead thug - the cops and Bundy, the Federal government.
4.  Both used their land to let their supporters stay, though the dead thug was a little tardy getting his help to his house.
5. Both were white extremists, Bundy- a conservative and dead thug- a liberal.
6.  Both played the media.
7.  Both tried to be a sympathetic figure.
And a few more similarities are out there.
Some key differences:
1.  The dead thug killed a deputy sheriff and injured 2 others.  Bundy never shot a gun towards any police officers.
2.  The cops in Oregon shot and killed a Bundy supporter, who did not fire a weapon.  The dead thug shot 3 deputies.
3.  The dead thug failed to get his supporters to. his house while Bundy got his people to his house.
4.  Occupy Denver did not offer any condolences to the deputy's family, friends and to the Deputy.

So, while there a few differences, the dead thug and Cliven Bundy shared many similarities. 
And if you read the national press, Bundy was labeled a terrorist and nothing about the dead thug being a dead terrorist.  In fact, you would be hard pressed to find any mention of Occupy Denver in the story about the killing of Park County Deputy Nate Carrigan.
This is just more evidence as to why people hate and don't trust the media.

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