Sunday, February 28, 2016

black Terrorists Strike In Salt Lake City

From the Salt Lake City Tribune:
A teenage boy shot by police was in critical condition Sunday after having undergone surgery.
Salt Lake City police said that they will not identify the 17-year-old victim, who was shot in his upper and lower torso Saturday night. Local television news, however, identified the teen as Abdi Mohamed.
About 8 p.m. Saturday, officers were responding to a call downtown when they were alerted to an assault in progress, according to police. Officers saw two males "with metal objects attacking a male victim" near 250 S. Rio Grande St., the Salt Lake City Police Department said in a statement Sunday afternoon. "Officers confronted the two suspects and ordered them to drop the weapons. One of the males complied and dropped the weapon, the other continued to advance on the victim and was shot by officers."
And from the LVRJ: 
One man who said he was a witness, Selam Mohammad, 19, told reporters his friend, the teenager who was shot, was holding a broomstick and had been fighting with an older man before the officers arrived.
"He barely even turned around. ... My friend didn't do anything," Mohammad told the Deseret News newspaper.
Scores of police, some of them carrying riot shields, responded to the scene where crowds of angry onlookers hurled abuse, rocks and bottles at the officers. Authorities said four people were arrested for civil disorder.
So, you have a thug who was beating on an old man, while holding deadly weapon.. If you don't think a broom is not a deadly weapon, prove it by allowing me to hit you for 10 minutes at my own strength and we can see what happens.
But once again the black terrorists who threw rocks and bottles at the cops?
Did thug protesters did protest the old man because he was being beaten by a black thug?
Yeah, I doubt it to.

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