Thursday, February 18, 2016

Strange, If True: The New Army Killer Weapon, The MRE Spoon

From The Conservative Tribune:
When a U.S. Army Ranger is deployed into a combat zone, he is generally tasked with killing the enemy using whatever means are at his disposal.
While that task is typically completed using bombs and rifles, there are times when our Rangers — as well as our other special operators — must use an alternative method for killing terrorists, such as a sidearm or a knife.
But now one Army Ranger may have made history by using something to kill a terrorist in Iraq that is most certainly not considered a weapon, except for maybe in prison or a graphic horror movie.
According to Grunt Stuff, an unnamed soldier attached to a Ranger battalion was taking part in an assault on a suspected terrorist hideout in a strategic point in northern Iraq.
While clearing the building of hostile jihadists, the Ranger noticed one enemy that seemed to be about to pull the pin on a hand grenade, so he rushed him and engaged in hand-to-hand combat.
Unfortunately, the Ranger was unable to access his sidearm or knife during the struggle because of all of the gear he was wearing, but he was able to get a hold of his MRE spoon, which he promptly used to stab the terrorist in the neck repeatedly, ultimately killing him.
Though the kill has yet to be officially confirmed, and there may be anecdotal evidence of similarly extraordinary occurrences from previous conflicts and wars, it is believed that this is the first time an MRE spoon has been used as a combat implement to kill the enemy.
So, beware of the killer spoon.

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