Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Another Reason Why Obama cannot be trusted to appoint Judges

This an outrageous court ruling made by an Obama appointed judge.
From Fox News:
A federal judge’s order earlier this month that California public schools turn a trove of personal information on millions of children over to two nonprofits has parents worried and privacy rights advocates outraged.
The nonprofits, who advocate for special needs kids, say they need the info to gauge compliance with federal law, but critics don’t believe Social Security numbers, home addresses and other sensitive records should be included. The ruling applies to all students enrolled in Golden State public schools at any time since 2008, a number estimated at 10 million.
“People are confused, worried and angry,” said Bill Ainsworth, a spokesman for the California Department of Education.
The order from Sacramento District Judge Kimberly Mueller stems from a 2012 lawsuit filed by two special needs advocacy groups, the Morgan Hill Concerned Parents Association and the Concerned Parents Association, alleging local educational agencies have failed to accommodate children with disabilities in compliance with federal law.
Critics say the ruling could also potentially expose statewide assessment results, progress reports, behavior and disciplinary information, special education evaluations and records pertaining to health, mental health and medical information.
We characterize the data release as risky, unnecessary and unprecedented,” said Pam Dixon, executive director of the World Privacy Forum. Eva Velasquez, CEO of the Identity Theft Resource Center, warned that one lapse could have “devastating consequences for California’s students.”
The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act and the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act are federal laws in place to protect the privacy of students. The federal government ensures compliance with a vast database, which the plaintiffs could have access to under the ruling.
State education officials have been inundated with thousands of calls from parents, educators and school districts over the past week, according to Ainsworth. State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson is a “strong supporter of privacy rights,” Ainsworth said, but now must follow the order.   http://www.foxnews.com/us/2016/02/23/judges-order-could-expose-10m-california-schoolkids-personal-info-say-critics.html?intcmp=hpbt2
This liberal democrat (and she is a democrat) just doesn't know the law about student privacy.
As a person who works in Special Ed. and has to be familiar with student's rights and privacy, this is a judge who either doesn't understand the law or is on a power trip.  The information wanted by the lawsuit hungry plaintiffs is overly broad and unnecessary and who knows how these agencies will protect the information and use the information.
And, this is why President Obama cannot be allowed to make anymore nominations to any Federal Court, much less the Supreme Court- he appoints either activist judges or completely incompetent, like this judge, Kim Mueller

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