Monday, February 8, 2016

The Real Reason Why Younger Love Bernie Sanders

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I've been listening to all the pundits who say that Bernie Sanders have been getting all kinds of support of young people, ages about 18-30 because he offers all these freebies, because he is a Socialist and that's what they teach in school or a myriad of other reasons.
From my vantage point, it's a lot simpler than that.
Most of Sanders are younger and white.
Well, Bernie is whiter than white.  White skin and white hair.
He looks like a stereotypical kindly grandfather.  Kind of slumped over, white haired, looks kind of benign/vanilla.  His wife can be considered the grandmother type.
Many younger adults probably don't have the grandfatherly type in their family, for various reasons.  Working in a retirement town with a bunch of old geezers (which I will be sooner than later) and no one looks like Bernie.  The geezers want to look younger than they are, look in better shape than they really are and try to act younger, especially with the use of technology.
Hair dye flies off the shelves at the local stores and obviously Bernie doesn't use any.
So, I feel the real reason why the younger non-thinkers like Bernie is because they feel Bernie is a harmless old man who would never harm them.
And they are so mistaken.

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