Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Maybe Police departments Ought Boycott Obama

Since Feb. 1, there have been 9 police officers killed, 1 by plane crash and 8 killed by thugs.
And there have 0 statements by Obama and his administration about these killings.
However, Susan Clark, an Obama goose stepper found time to complain about civilian killings in the Sudan.
It's pretty obvious Obama hates cops.  He's thrown them under the bus, supports thugs over cops
So, maybe it's time for police departments across the country to stop cooperating with the secret Service and not help protect the president.  Let the Secret service do it.
The police departments don't reimbursed for helping guard the president and police officers have been killed in motorcades for presidents (not just Obama) so, maybe it's time that the cops stop providing protection to Obama and make him realize how important police officers are to this country.

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