Saturday, February 6, 2016

Sad Day In Oregon

From the Daily Astorian, OR.:
Seaside mourned Sgt. Jason Goodding Saturday after the 39-year-old officer was gunned down on Broadway Friday night.
Sgt. Goodding was shot during a warrant arrest and died this morning at Seaside Providence Hospital after an altercation with a man outside the Pig ’N Pancake in downtown on Broadway at 9:20 p.m. Friday night. The restaurant was closed at the time.
“Last night, 39-year-old Jason Goodding, a sergeant in Seaside Police Department and a respected member of the law enforcement community, was shot to death while on duty in Seaside,” Clatsop County District Attorney Joshua Marquis said Saturday morning at a press conference at Seaside City Hall.
He was shot to death by Phillip Ferry, who had a warrant for felony assault.
“At this point it appears from what I can tell that the shooting of Mr. Ferry was justified,” Marquis added.
According to Marquis, when Goodding and his fellow officer attempted to place Ferry under arrest, “he wouldn’t show his hands.”
The other officer, who is not being identified at this time, was not injured. He attempted to use “less lethal force,” Marquis said, and tasered the suspect.
“That seemed to incapacitate Mr. Ferry,” Marquis said. “It didn’t do much more.”
When Ferry went to the ground, Goodding attempted to subdue him. In that process, Ferry produced a weapon and fired once.
“The other officer returned fire three times, striking Mr. Ferry in several places,” Marquis said. “It was clear Sgt. Goodding was gravely injured.”
Responders attempted to provide CPR at the scene. Goodding was taken to Providence Seaside Hospital and pronounced dead at the hospital 40 minutes later.
Mr. Ferry was transferred by ambulance to Columbia Memorial Hospital in Astoria. Shortly before he got to the hospital his vital signs started crashing. Before he was worked on for 20 or 30 minutes but was pronounced dead by emergency room doctors at Columbia Memorial Hospital.
Another reason why police officer jobs are so difficult.  they had to arrest some thug they knew was going to be violent.  Instead of letting him go, they tried to arrest the thug and the police officer is killed.
RIP to the officer and prayers for his friends and family and to the department.

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