Saturday, February 13, 2016

So, Who Will Be The Next Supreme Court Justice

Before Justice Scalia's body was cold, the politicians began arguing over who should replace Scalia.
Hillary Clinton, in most bizarre comment: "Elections have consequences. The president has a responsibility to nominate a new justice and the Senate has a responsibility to vote."
Actually, the senate doesn't have a responsibility to vote for a justice if they don't want to.  And the Senate certainly has the right to reject any and everyone Obama sends up.
But the Senate will be pressured to confirm Obama's nominee and it is up to Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio to reject every nominee that doesn't believe in the Constitution, if they want the GOP nomination for President.
So, if Obama's history is any indication, he will nominate a hard core lefty who doesn't believe in the Constitution.  Further, he will probably nominate someone who has ethical problems.
Some on the left have suggested that Obama nominate himself.  Really, there are people out there who think Obama would be the most qualified nominee.  Obama has no serious qualifications to be a Supreme Court justice- when it comes to the law, he is extremely retarded.
My gut says he will nominate a Black liberal male and Eric Holder comes to mind but he would never get confirmed.
I also predict he will nominate someone first, who will be a sacrificial lamb because he knows the first person he nominates will go down in flames.
He will probably nominate a Harvard professor because he went to Harvard and Obama was a professor in Chicago.
Another possibility is Tomiko Brown-Nagin, who is a Black female law professor at Harvard and of course, is quite liberal.
Another Harvard law professor is Randall L. Kennedy, a Black professor specializing in racial law and clerked for Thurgood Marshall.
Another possibility, since Obama prefers muslims is Intisar A. Rabb who is the director of the muslim legal studies program.
Dehlia Umunna is another candidate.  She is Black and one of the leading public defenders in the country.
I know some of these professors will be considered, if not nominated. 
But you know, if Obama had the option, he would nominate himself.

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