Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Hillary's Fight Song Is What???

From Vogue: It was another Sunday morning in New Hampshire, a few days into the new year, at another town-hall meeting in a middle school in front of another boisterous crowd. After the Red Star Twirlers nailed their baton routine to the Donna Summer song “She Works Hard for the Money”—with no apparent sense of irony—Hillary Clinton, in brown slacks, a gray sweater, and kitten heels, appeared to a standing ovation. She spent the next hour moving through the applause lines of her stump speech, and then listening intently to voters’ questions and answering them with candor.
Hillary works hard for her money?
When she invest $1000 and got back $100,000?
When she makes up to $325,000 per speech, with all expenses paid, living in a luxury hotel, eating the best food money can buy.
When companies and countries donate millions of dollars to the Clinton's slush fund, the Clinton Foundation.
Yeah, she works hard for her money.

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