Tuesday, February 23, 2016

And You Think The GOP Caucuses Are Bad?

Fox News, the world's worst "conservative talk show host, Brian Kilmeade along with some GOP candidates are saying the GOP caucuses are going to be run horribly and that the results cannot be trusted.
And of course, the democrat caucuses went off without a hitch.
Well, that would be wrong.
From the Reno Gazette Journal:
Suspicious votes, no accommodations for people with disabilities, excessive times and computer glitches were reported Saturday at Democratic locations in Northern Nevada.
Before getting to reports of issues, the Nevada Secretary of State’s office responded that it "has no authority in the caucus process so any questions regarding them will need to be directed to the major parties."...
Strange delegate math: Em reported from Peavine Elementary, “Caucus was a joke! In my precinct there were 5 delegates to be had. Out of 73 voters, 51 supported (Hillary), 21 supported (Bernie), one was undecided. In all fairness, how could H possibly receive four delegates and B one? Who comes up with the mathematical formula that derives an outcome like that? Disgusting experience!”....
Hope Thompson at Melton Elementary wrote, “My husband and I both have health issues. I had called the Democratic headquarters and asked how we should proceed because neither of us can be with large numbers of people. I have a compromised immune system and my husband is a Vietnam veteran with severe PTSD who suffers a lot of anxiety in big crowds. I was told to preregister which we both did. Then we were instructed to turn in our ‘votes’ and we could leave. When we got there the preregistration was not working which necessitated standing in a long line of people, which could put my health at risk. My husband had gone earlier and had gotten through the chaos before me and was able to get me the voting card. I could see he was already getting agitated from the crowd. We both had filled them out and turned them in. But, no one of any authority was present to run things. It was all volunteers. Finally someone of authority was found. We explained our situation and he demanded that we had to stay for at least 30 minutes for our cards to be counted. Unfortunately my husband's low frustration from his PTSD kicked in and he was angry. This guy said he was authorized to call the authorities....
2) Unprofessional - this isn't so much a problem as it was a surprise. Precinct captains and the individuals who started our caucus were all wearing either Bernie or Hillary shirts. I would think the folks organizing this would not be able to wear these so I was surprised by that. It was fine until they began the caucus process and proceeded to lobby for their candidate (Hillary) while they had the attention of the room. This causes another precinct captain from Bernie's side to jump in with rebuttal and they had to regain the room's composure.   http://www.rgj.com/story/news/politics/2016/02/20/long-lines-too-few-ballots-dem-caucus-locations/80666630/
And this is just Northern Nevada.  I'm sure the democrats and hillary did a lot of unethical things in Las Vegas and Clark County; much, much more worse.

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