Saturday, February 20, 2016

This Should Be Hillary's Voter's Thme song

 Yes, if Hillary is elected president, her voters will be responsible for putting a felon in to the presidency.
And the fallout of her harming the county could possibly harm us for centuries.


  1. Why are conservatives so convinced that Hillary is a felon, and should be (or is) going to jail? Emails that were later categorized as "top secret?" Seems pretty weak to me. Do you REALLY think she's going to jail, or is it like my Karl Rove fantasy?

  2. No, she won't go to jail before the election because Obama is going to protect. Why is she a felon? Because about 1800 e-mails were sent to server, which should never had, were secret to top secret and more at the highest level.
    Hillary should have an independent prosecutor appointed.
    And you know Trump will pound on her because of this, something the press won't do.