Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Not That You Care, But I Endorsement For President Is.....

So, after a few beers and some, here are my thoughts on the race for president:
Hillary and Bernie will never win the presidency.  Hillary and Bill have too many scandals.  Bernie is just plain nuts.
And on to the Republican side.
I love Ben Carson but he is almost out of the race.  But he is most intelligent person in the race.  And he knows about health care and creating jobs, to a small extent.
John Kasich is running Ohio into the ground and not a true conservative.
Jeb bush is running in the wrong year.  2008 or 2012 would have been better for Jeb.  He will be out of the race in less than 3 weeks.
Marco Rubio- I just don't trust him.  He says he is conservative but there are things in history that shows he goes liberal, especially amnesty.  Not for me.
So, for me, it's Donald Trump or Ted Cruz.
Trump:  Trump has created more jobs than any candidate and he owns businesses, so he knows what government regulations that hurt or help companies and small businesses. I trust Trump more with the economy than any other candidate.
Negatives: He's crazy, mean and vindictive. He is not a conservative but ore of a moderate.  I don't mind his cussing but the lying does matter to me.
Cruz: Clearly, he is the  most conservative, with the exception of maybe Ben Carson.  He would nominate conservative Supreme Court justices.  He would get rid of Obama's executive orders.  He would respect the constitution.  The liberal media hates him, which is good thing.
Negatives: I listen to radio host, Mark Levin, a died in the wool conservative and a Cruz supporter.  Levin makes good points about Cruz... Cruz and his PACs also advertise on Levin's show, is what Levin saying honest or just him supporting an advertiser?
He's made enemies with both Republicans and democrats, so would he ever get anything done?  Would the GOP support his positions or will they just hate him and do nothing for him?  If the democrats somehow take over the senate, nothing will get done.. The democrats would probably work with Trump.
Finally, what
Both Trump and Cruz would make good presidents, especially compared to Hillary/Bernie.
I could support either Trump or Cruz if they nominated and even Rubio, if he was nominated, along with Bush, Carson and Kasich.
But I support Trump more Cruz by the tiniest margins.  His knowledge on the economy, creating jobs and dealing with regulations that either hurt or harm the economy.
Trump has created 10,000's of jobs while Cruz has been a lawyer, almost all for government and has created no private business jobs.  He's probably created some regulations on business.
Trump has to pay for health care insurance, so he knows about the health care and insurance debates.
Trump is egotistical, almost narcissist and I would be hypocritical if I didn't mention this as Obama is king narcissist.
I think Trump knows about goes on in the inner city and wants to deal with it, unlike Obama, who did nothing.  Cruz has been a lawyer in government and probably has never set foot in the ghettos of Dallas.  I am sure Trump has, especially in Atlantic City, NJ, where the whole city is ghetto, even near the casinos/boardwalk.
Trump is not afraid to take chances, good or bad- he takes chances on the numerous properties and businesses he has bought or created.  Cruz really hasn't but he is a good lawyer.  And I dislike most lawyers.
So, my endorsement is Donald Trump
Am I wrong?

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  1. Of course you're wrong! But the trouble is, there's no good answer, since you've ruled out Hillary and Bernie! :)

    Cruz: I can't take the dominionism, the smarmy unctuousness, the punchable face. . .oh so many things. Last place for me.
    Rubio: Reasonablish for the bunch, but tends to pander. Don't know if he can outlast the other guys.
    Kasich: My new governor. Seems moderate by contrast, but isn't. I never liked him as a member of Congress or FOX News host, but in this pack, he might be the closest to someone I could tolerate.
    Bush: Poor, poor Jebra. No oomph whatsoever. No more Bushes, just no. There is simply no reason to have three Republicans in a row be president from the same family.
    Carson: Dr. Stabby is just so odd. Has zero political experience. If he'd worked his way up at least to a mayorship or *something,* I'd have a little more to go on. Seems out of his depth, utterly.
    Trump: Thin skinned, far more narcissistic than Obama (which has always been your #1 complaint), has his name on EVERYTHING, speaks of himself in the third person. He's the definition of narcissistic. No political experience. No diplomatic skills. Speaks without a filter OR--sometimes obviously--with much care for truth, accuracy or even any depth of knowledge. Gives pageant answers to difficult questions. Scary.
    Bernie: I love his optimism, I love his vision. I very often agree with him. But I think he's both unrealistic, and probably unelectable in a general election.
    Hillary: Far from ideal, but likely the most qualified person of anyone who is now running, or those who have dropped out. She's running as a liberal, but is in truth far more centrist (as was Bill). I believe that having secured the presidency (her long-time goal), she would then have no other goal than a consequential legacy.

    Bottom line, I think for Trump this is all ego, and the actual job of President would be a bore and a chore for him. All those great, terrific, tremendous people he always claims he knows would be doing the work. We have no idea what he'd actually DO, how he'd do it, or whether or not he's going to piss off entire swaths of the globe, some with nuclear weapons. And HE'D have nuclear weapons!

    Hillary for me. I'm with her. But you knew that. I'd vote Bernie if he manages to secure the nomination. Gun to my head, I'd vote Kasich or Rubio if I had to pick a Republican.