Thursday, February 18, 2016

We're From The Government And We Are Here To Help

From the Havre Daily News:
“Men Who Cook for Women Who Wine” will be no more.
The annual fundraiser was originally started to help pay for construction of the Hi-Line Sletten Cancer Center and has since helped families throughout the Hi-Line in recent years. It will be replaced by a variety of other volunteer programs that will aid families in need said representatives of Serving of Hope, the group of Hi-Line residents which has sponsored Men Who Cook for Women Who Wine.
New federal regulations involving food handling would put a burden on volunteers who prepare food for the event, said Joyce Donoven and Cathie Haas, two of the coordinators of the event.
Men brought their home-cooked food items that were sampled by the guests.
It became the social event of the year in Hingham, attracting hundreds of people.
“Our cooks and volunteers give so much. We feel it would be unfair to ask even more from these already busy and generous people, and we wish to keep the safety and well-being of those supporters, on whom we rely, at the forefront of our focus,” they said in a press release.
They said other activities would be planned to engage the community and raise money for the causes.
“Again, we want to give accolades to the cooks who have wowed us for so many years with their culinary expertise, the volunteers who came without calling, the community members who both donated items and participated in the events, and of course, all who came to the ‘little old’ gym in Hingham, Montana.”
Hill County Sanitarian Clay Vincent said the new federal rules require that someone certified in food handling oversee food preparation. Certification is relatively easy to obtain, he said, but much of the food for events such as Men Who Cook For Women Who Wine is done at people’s home, he said.
This regulation was created by the Obama administration.
And this has been going all around the country.
So, will someone ask Hillary if she supports this?

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