Saturday, February 13, 2016

The New Danica Patrick?

Sarah Cornett-Ching ARCA Headshot
There is a young lady who drove in the ARCA Daytona race today and her name is Sarah Cornett-Ching.
She finished 12th out of 40 drivers and she as running with the leaders the entire race.  She also drove through 2 wrecks and she didn't get a scratch on her car as cars were wrecking around her.  Her engine also was dying with 15 laps to go.
Last year, in ARCA, she finished in 7th in points with 5 top 10 finishes out of 20 races.
And unlike Danica Patrick, whose main qualification for driving, is appearing in bikinis or other skimpy dress for her sponsors, Cornett-Ching actually works for a living, when she is not driving.
From Stories inside the ARCA Racing Series presented by Menards come from the most interesting people and places…this one all the way from the northern reaches of western British Columbia, Canada where Summerland, BC's Sarah Cornett-Ching punches in everyday at work in Dawson Creek, BC.
Cornett-Ching, 23, works as a welder on a construction site on which a compressor station for natural gas is being erected, about 700 miles north of her Summerland hometown.
“I’m a certified welder…part of the Red Seal Welders. It means you’re certified to weld in any province in Canada,” said Cornett-Ching. “I’m stick welding here, but I can do whatever’s necessary…stick, wire, tig, aluminum, whatever. I was welding stainless steel on my last job.
“By earning my welding certificate and going away to work I could make far more money than I could at my previous welding job. So now I fly into remote areas to work for weeks at a time and it's much easier to save money." 
The area that she works in is abundant with Brown bears, which can be extremely aggressive. 
“Brown bears can be quite aggressive where we are and the site I work at is fenced to help keep them out. They do keep an eye out for them and we have to keep a clean site and keep food from being left outside so we don't attract them.”
Sarah also works on her own race cars by doing all the welding that is needed.
And Danica, all she does is crash, finish several laps down and/or act like a spoiled brat.
I hope Sarah keeps on rising through the ranks and can get big time sponsors.  It appears she certainly has more talent than Patrick, though a quadruple amputee who is blind probably has more talent than Danica.
Good luck to Sarah Cornett-Ching and her career.

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