Monday, September 12, 2016

Maybe Hillary Was On Drugs?

Just about everyone has seen the video(s) of Hillary fainting while in New York City, on a weather wise beautiful day, but if you haven't seen it, here I is:

As someone who has had pneumonia several times in my life and someone who is regularly dehydrated, I have never acted like Hillary.
If she was really dehydrated, why didn't her medical staff make sure she had enough fuel in her to make it more than 1 1/2 hours out of  several hour day?  Athletes, on the day of their activity, make darn sure they are loaded up with fluids before they take the field, run the course or whatever they do in sports.
Same with construction workers who work outside, along with cops, firefighters and others who work in the heat.  And they keep on loading up on fluids.
To me, after watching this version of Hillary, it looks like she is totally out of it, zombie like.  And when she tries to walk, there is no walk there, she just collapses, just like a town drunk after she consumes a gallon of whiskey.
So, I don't believe she was overcome by the heat on a beautiful day in NYC, and while she may have pneumonia, she doesn't look like she has pneumonia.
And since we are talking about a Clinton here, you know they are going to lie, even though telling the truth would be more beneficial, so it's something a lot worse.
To me?  It looks like she had an overdose of medication, narcotic or other strong medicine.
How else do you explain such a quick recovery?  Did they give her an IV of Monster energy drink to perk her up?
Or did they give her a dose of Narcan, the drug lifesaver of a drug addict?  This would explain her near miraculous recovery in such a short time.
So, come up with another reasonable alternative because I am not buying the dehydration/pneumonia excuse.

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