Thursday, September 8, 2016

This Guy Is A Moron

We, were at a Planet Fitness grand opening in Lake Havasu City watching the Lake Havasu High school band play in 100 degree heat.
And this idiot, even though the road in front of the fitness center was full of people, decided to drive this big truck through the crowd, almost hitting several people.  Maybe he has the big truck because he has shortcomings in his manhood?
So, if you see this truck, with license plate Arizona ARA 2091, please feel free to egg this truck and spit on this moron.  Slash his tires or key the truck.  Or call this moron a few choice names like Or feel free to do anything else to this idiot.
But to call this guy an idiot, insult all the village idiots around the world.
So, how about: Before I aw this moron, I was pro-life.
He's the only surviving brain transplant donor
Ass hole.
And my son, the great tuba warrior on the left, played in the 100 degree heat.

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