Tuesday, September 6, 2016

When Liberal Racist Rednecks Try Humor And Fail Miserably

Speaking of the racist ass wipe, New York Daily News, they have a idiot nicknamed "Liberal Redneck" aka Trae Crowder.
Image result for kkk redneckSo, he tries his humor and creates his headline "The Liberal Redneck: I love me some Obama, but he’s screwed up by not closing Gitmo".  http://interactive.nydailynews.com/2016/08/liberal-redneck-obama-screwed-up-closing-guantanamo-bay/
So, when he says "I love me some Obama", he makes Obama an object, not a person.
How is that not racist?
Just another racist over at the NY Daily News.
Another failed attempt of liberals pretending they are funny.
Like Shaun King.
So, here is the Liberal Redneck/Trae Crowder with his partner in his natural habitat:

BTW, according to Wikipedia, he is a federal employee in Tennessee. He is a Contractor for the Dept. of Energy at the GS-13 level, making between $73,000 to $96,000 of taxpayer money.
And his government info:
CROWDER, Trae N. ..............................865-576-4102 SC-OR
In addition, he has made no contributions to Hillary or any liberal politician.
So, in summary, he is a racist, ignorant federal government employee.

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