Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Why California Cannot Be Taken Seriously

From Fox News: California Gov. Jerry Brown kept up his assault on climate change Monday, pushing through a law meant to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions from dairy farms and landfills.
"You know, when Noah wanted to build his ark, most of the people laughed at him?" Brown said, per the Sacramento Bee, adding that that ark saved Earth's species.
"We've got to build our ark, too, by stopping ... dangerous pollutants." Brown's approval of Senate Bill 1383 goes after short-lived climate pollutants, which include methane, black carbon, and HFC gases, per the AP.
Although these gases don't linger in the atmosphere, they still make people sick and hasten global warming due to their heat-trapping ability, per Reuters. "We're protecting people's lungs and their health," Brown said, per Courthouse News.
One of the main methane culprits: manure. Per the bill, dairy farmers have to cut methane emissions to 40 percent below 2013 levels by 2030. Under a cap-and-trade plan, farmers will receive aid from the $50 million or so raised via polluter fees, which they can then put toward machinery that uses methane to create energy they can in turn sell to electric companies.
California is pretty much a dead state, run by lunatics for lunatics.
I've lived in 2 states bordering California and both states, Arizona and Nevada are thriving while California is dying.  To find any type of commerce in California, you have to travel a good 50-75 miles inside California before you find much of anything that resembles any kind of civilization.
And now, and yes Jerry, people are laughing at you, California is going to kill more jobs, stifle any type of economic growth in farming and kill farms, making the farms into housing developments, causing even more pollution.
So, Nevada and Arizona, we thank California for providing more jokes about your state and improving our economies on the back of your farmers and other related industries.

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