Tuesday, September 6, 2016

What A Joke On Dirty Hit

Even though this is the first week of NCAA football, this may qualify as the dirtiest play of the year/decade.
From  Fox News:
LSU entered the season with national championship aspirations. 
Those aspirations likely died Saturday with a terribly ill-advised Brandon Harris throw with a minute left in the fourth quarter against Wisconsin
You can understand the frustration that would stem from Harris' throw, which went directly to a Wisconsin cornerback, but this was over the line.
LSU offensive lineman Josh Boutte took out his frustration on the interceptor, D'Cota Dixon, well after the play was whistled dead, with a wicked clothesline. 
Boutte was ejected for the cheap-shot -- the referee ruled it a "flagrant personal foul" -- and will likely face suspension from LSU and/or the SEC.  http://www.foxsports.com/college-football/story/lsu-clothesline-cheap-shot-offensive-lineman-wisconsin-foul-late-hit-video-vine-highlight-090316
So, you have an ugly dirty hit and LSU decided to punish the thug how?
1 game suspension against an above average high school football team.
This thug should have been suspended for the entire year and the coach for at least 2 games for not keeping his player under control.

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