Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Chris Christie Even Popular Among New Jersey Democrats

From the Washington Post: New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) filed for reelection on Monday. But at this point, it might be easy to look past 2013 and focus a little more intently on 2016.
Christie has seen a massive boost in his popularity in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, with 77 percent of New Jerseyans saying they approve of the governor in a new Fairleigh Dickinson University poll released Monday. That’s up from 56 percent before Sandy. (Respondents from the first poll were re-contacted for the second one.)...
Christie even gets positive marks from 67 percent of Democrats. Just 17 percent of all registered voters in the Garden State say they disapprove of his performance.
The poll echoes a new Quinnipiac poll that pegs Christie’s approval at 72 percent and a Rutgers-Eagleton poll that shows his favorable rating at 67 percent.
Put plainly: For politicians, it doesn’t get much better than that — especially for a Republican in a blue state. (And the numbers, for what it’s worth, match up with recent internal polling conducted for the state GOP.)
Those numbers should sufficiently scare any Democrats considering running against Christie next year (we’re looking at you, Cory Booker), but they should also help Christie’s name to rise to the top when it comes to the 2016 presidential race.  http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/the-fix/wp/2012/11/27/chris-christie-the-most-popular-republican-in-the-country/?hpid=z3
Makes me wonder if Christie would have beat Obama in November.  But in 2016, if he gets the GOP nomination, he may be a shoo in.
But, the GOP probably wouldn't nominate him because he is not a country club Republican.  Is Christie the perfect conservative?  Of course not.  Is he a person that could get things done?  Absolutely.
Hopefully he will run in 2016 and  Christie/Ryan in 2016?  Sounds good to me.

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