Sunday, November 25, 2012

Good Business, Bad Business

Customer service: Some companies get it and some don't.
On our little family outing today, we found an example of a very good business and a very bad business.
When we started out, we went to get some gas and some goodies at the Speedee Mart On Horizon Ridge, just south of Horizon, by the National Guard armory.
My daughter picked up a Fanta pineapple soda and the sign clearly stated that the soda and all Fanta products were 99 cents.  When we brought the soda to the cashier, Chris, (who, by the way wanted to emphasize that he had 8 years experience- something I wouldn't brag about), he rang the soda up for $1.59.
We told him that the sign in the door was 99 cents and he said that the sign didn't say that and if t did, then someone put the soda in the wrong place.
So, I went to the cooler and grabbed another soda from the Fanta dispenser and showed the cashier with 8 years experience that no one put the soda in the wrong place except maybe staff.  He then told me that well the staff didn't make the mistake but said customers must have switched the price signs.   Ummm, ok.  I've never seen a cashier work so hard to piss off a customer for 60 cents.
So, if you don't want to be treated rudely or be a victim of bait and switch, don't patronize Speedee Mart in Las Vegas.
But then, there are some good businesses that provide great customer service and the Boulder Pit Stop, a hamburger joint in Boulder City is an example.
The Boulder Pit Stop is located in the Von's shopping cent and next to Radio Shack, right where Hwy 93 turns towards Lake Mead.
The food was good for a hamburger joint, the fries were decent and the waitresses were great (and very, very good looking)  The food as hot and they had some good baseball pictures on the wall.  The prices were quite reasonable and about the same price as a fast food place for comparable items.  So, if you are going to Lake Mead, Hoover Dam or Las Vegas, stop by the Boulder Pit Stop.
Here is a review from the LVRJ:

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