Thursday, November 29, 2012

Nevada To Give Ilegals Driver's License's

Umm, no.
From the Las Vegas Sun: Immigrants brought to the country illegally as children and granted a temporary reprieve by President Barack Obama this summer will be eligible for Nevada driver's licenses and state IDs, state officials told the Sun this week.
And Gov. Brian Sandoval supports the policy, he said in a statement.
That brought a sigh of relief from immigration advocates.
But at least one Republican lawmaker said the Nevada Legislature should weigh in on the question when it meets in early 2013.
By some estimates, Nevada is home to 20,000 young immigrants brought to the country illegally as children who qualify for the “deferred action for childhood arrivals” — a program informally known as Dream Act-lite after the broader legislation that has failed to pass Congress.
“These individuals will not be treated any differently under Nevada law than any other noncitizen applying for an identification card or driver’s license,” said Kevin Malone, a spokesman for the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles....
But not everyone believes issuing driver’s licenses to Dreamers is a good idea.
Driver’s licenses can be used for a wide range of purposes, including registering to vote, said Sen. James Settelmeyer, R-Minden.
“If any individual doesn’t have full status, to me, they shouldn’t have a full driver's license,” Settelmeyer said. “A lot of facets need to be discussed at the Legislature. I, myself, do not prefer to see an agency head make a decision that has such large repercussions.”
Settlemeyer is right, this policy is way to big to just implement by administrative action. 
Further, how are these documents going to be any different than regular driver's licenses?  Can they be used to register to vote and if so, then this idea is horrible.
Sandoval has quietly slipped off the conservative reservation.  He completely bowed down to the Federal government in regards to ObamaCare and is doing everything Obama wants him to do and now this.  What was the point of having a Republican governor if he was going to these things?
Oh wait, he is being considered to be a top tier for president/vice candidate in 2016 so he wants to get along with moderates/liberals.


  1. He will not get my vote again.

  2. Is better for the state(more money). People will drive anyway so give them the DL as long as they pass the tests, charge them and legally keep track of them. that's all.

  3. I'm a cashier at a small grocery store in Pennsylvania, and there have been some instances of stolen/bad checks at my workplace. Someone suspicious came through a fellow cashier's line, and the front of their driver's license was starting to "tear off". We didn't take their check, but I was wondering if true, valid licenses are actually able to tear like that. You know, just for future knowledge.

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