Friday, November 23, 2012

Famous Last Words: “I Know Where The Empty Chambers Are,

Why do people do stupid things?
From the New York Daily News: A devastated dad whose son was killed in a supposed game of Russian roulette insisted Friday that his son did not die by the hand of fate.
Police were investigating the post-Thanksgiving shooting of James Morris, 18, whose body was found with a single bullet to the head inside the bedroom of his Brownsville apartment, police sources said.
Three pals in the room when Morris purportedly pulled the trigger all fled the gore-spattered scene, with one grabbing the partially loaded revolver on the way out the door, the sources said.
“It could be a very elaborate plan to cover something up,” said one law enforcement source — although investigators were leaning toward the theory of a self-inflicted tragedy.
Morris’ best friend, Patrick Roberts, was in the room during the gunplay. He called 911 when he returned home and told police the doomed teen was playing with the revolver in the minutes before the shooting, sources said
Morris pointed the gun at his pals and twice pulled the trigger. But there was nothing more than a couple of clicks.
Then he bragged about his mastery of the deadly game, spun the chambers and pointed the gun at his own head, the sources said.
“I know where the empty chambers are,” a source quoted Roberts as telling the three young men.
The handgun went off and Morris collapsed. Police later found him facedown in a pool of blood inside his bedroom.
Even though the dad was at home at the time of the shooting, he never heard the gun go off and didn't know his son was dead until the cops came to his door and told him his son was dead, the victim's dad thinks that someone else pulled the trigger.
Why do people do such stupid things?

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