Friday, November 23, 2012

This Sucks: "Dirty Jobs" Canceled

This sucks.
From the Baltimore Sun: Baltimore native and Towson University graduate Mike Rowe informed fans on Thanksgiving Eve that the Discovery Channel show he hosted, "Dirty Jobs," was no more.
Rowe, the show's creator and executive producer, wrote on his blog that it was canceled:
"A few weeks ago, I was officially informed that Dirty Jobs had entered into a new phase," Rowe wrote on his blog. "One I like to call, 'permanent hiatus.' Or in the more popular industry vernacular, canceled."
"Dirty Jobs" was a reality show in which Rowe and his crew traveled across the country to document some of the most unsavory jobs.
"Dirty Jobs is a very personal show, and it's difficult for me to imagine a future that does not involve exploding toilets, venomous snakes, misadventures in animal husbandry, and feces from every species," he wrote. 

He thanked his crew -- but especially the American public, both for watching for eight years and for sharing their worlds with him.
"From pig farmers to bridge painters, roughnecks to gandy dancers, your hospitality was exceeded only by your candor and good humor," Rowe continued. "According to the credits, I am the host of Dirty Jobs, but really, it's been you guys all along. I'm just the guest, and you have made me feel welcome on 300 different occasions in all 50 states.",0,1929299.story
From Mike Rowe's Blog:  It never fails.
Whenever Dirty Jobs goes off the air for a few months, people start to wonder if the show has been canceled. Rumors begin to swirl, and questions about the show’s future fill my inbox. Over the years it’s been my pleasure to assure anxious fans that Dirty Jobs is coming back for another season. And indeed, we always have. Alas, this year, I’m afraid I cannot dispel the rumors. A few weeks ago, I was officially informed that Dirty Jobs had entered into a new phase. One I like to call, “permanent hiatus.” Or in the more popular industry vernacular, canceled.
This is one show I will miss, the pig farm in Las Vegas:

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