Sunday, November 25, 2012

Stupid Ass Democrats

From The Hill:  The Obama administration faces major logistical and financial challenges in creating health insurance exchanges for states that have declined to set up their own systems.
The exchanges were designed as the centerpiece of President Obama’s signature law, and are intended to make buying health insurance comparable to booking a flight or finding a compatible partner on

Sixteen states — most of them governed by Republicans — have said they will not set up their own systems, forcing the federal government to come up with one instead. Another five states said they want a federal-state partnership, while four others are considering partnerships.
It's a situation no one anticipated when the Affordable Care Act was written. The law assumed states would create and operate their own exchanges, and set aside billions in grants for that purpose.
Just another reason why ObamaCare ought to be scrapped and gotten rid of.
And these stupid ass Democrats like Obama, Crybaby/Coward/Senile Harry Reid, Dina "The Thief" Titus and Shelly Berkley didn't think this was a possibility?
What a bunch of brain dead morons.

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