Friday, November 30, 2012

Another Stupid Idea By UNLV, Politicians

Just a stupid idea:
From the Las Vegas Sun: Nevada's higher education leaders unanimously approved UNLV's stadium proposal on Friday.
With the Nevada System of Higher Education's preliminary approval of a campus master plan, UNLV and its private partner Majestic Realty Co. can move forward with the details of a proposal to build a covered 60,000-seat stadium on its Maryland Parkway campus.
A stadium at UNLV could add nearly $400 million to the Las Vegas economy annually, according to an economic impact report released Friday. The report was written by UNLV's consultants Mark Rosentraub and the University of Michigan Center for Sports Management, and funded by UNLV and Majestic Realty.
The stadium is estimated to draw at least 15 new major events each year, according to the report.
Those events would pump $393.2 million directly to the local economy — $66 million of which would be on campus.
They say all these extra shows will be coming to the new stadium.  And what new shows are they?  Fact is that there are not going to be any new shows coming to a new stadium if it is built.  If anything, it will steal events from the casinos and Sam Boyd Stadium.
Further, there are private companies out there to build a new stadium without public money.
This is going to be a big waste of money that will only benefit a few people but at great expense to taxpayers and UNLV students. 
It's time for the adults in Nevada to step up to the plate and stop this horrible idea from happening.

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