Thursday, November 29, 2012

Hey Republicans!!!

I've been listening here and there about the supposed Fiscal Cliff and all you guys are talking about are the Bush tax cuts.
How come the Republicans are not talking about the Obama Tax Hikes?
Have you heard a Republican talk about Obama's Tax Hikes? 
Me neither.


  1. Because they were Bush tax cuts, that were intended to expire after 10 years. Obama reluctantly extended them by 2 years. They're set to expire again, and everyone wants to extend the cuts on $250,000 and less.

    If they expire, they just expire. I'm all for extending the middle-class ones, or letting all expire, even though it would cost us all some jack. They were supposed to stimulate the economy and job growth, and they quite simply did not. They've had 12 years to prove them selves, and didn't. Did they?

  2. That's liberal math for you. It is still a tax hike and Obama will be responsible for it.
    It should be called Obama's Tax Hikes.
    And Jamie, you do remember ten years ago, the economy was doing quite well, thank you. The economy started to tank around early 2008 and it wasn't because of the tax cuts.