Sunday, November 25, 2012

UNLV Loses Again, Time For A Change?

From the Las Vegas Sun: This could be considered be a new low for the UNLV football team.
The Rebels were limited to 203 yards Saturday against host Hawaii in the season finale, struggling from start to finish in a 48-10 defeat to extend their road losing streak to 22 straight games and finish the season with a 2-11 record.
UNLV was the betting favorite in its final four games, but couldn’t beat the teams they were supposed to in posting a 1-3 record down the stretch. The loss to Hawaii, the last place team in the Mountain West Conference, is easily the most disappointing.
Hawaii ranked 116th out of 124 Division I teams in points scored and 121st in points allowed, but didn’t play like a team whose only previous win came against a lower-division school.
The game was essentially over by halftime with UNLV, which had just one first down and 39 yards in the first half, unable to move the ball offensively and trailing 31-0.
When Bobby Hauck was hired at UNLV from Montana, I was very optimistic.  He had won a national championship and knew how to win.
But like many a coach before him, Hauck has failed at UNLV.  He still has not won on the road and UNLV lost to teams, like Hawaii, they should not have lost to.
So, is it time for a coaching change, like what should happen at the Wisconsin Badgers?
But if UNLV fires Hauck, who can they bring in who would do a better job?  If a coach like Hauck cannot turn the program, who can?  Who would be a better coach and who can do a better job recruiting?
Face it, high quality football players don't want to come to UNLV.  The weather sucks for the first 4 months of the season, and even we are the entertainment capital of the country, it isn't if you are younger than 21.  You have to be 21 to enter casinos and enjoy the party life in Vegas.
The UNLV campus sucks, with lousy course offerings for football players and the training facilities are horrid.  UNLV ought to rent out Bishop Gorman High School's football stadium and training facilities.
Every year, there are several Division 1 recruits in Clark County but rarely do they stay and go to UNLV.  We lose the recruits to UN-Reno, schools in Utah and other Northwest states because the kids don't want to stay in Las Vegas.
So, I think Bobby Hauck should stay at least another year because if they fire him, I don't think they will find anybody better than Hauck.

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  1. You will never know unless you look! It's broke, fix it. There is always a silver state lining out there!