Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Want To Live In A Closet?

From CBS San Fran: San Francisco’s building code got downsized Tuesday with the Board of Supervisor’s approval of a pilot program that will build efficiency units, or apartments with reduced square footage requirements.
The board, in a 10-1 vote at Tuesday afternoon’s board meeting, approved the ordinance that will change the definition of an efficiency dwelling unit to include units that are as small as 220 square feet, including the bathroom and closets.
Part of the legislation is a program that caps the construction of these mini-apartments, at yet to be determined locations, to 375 units....
Wiener said the small apartments will offer people an option to live on their own at more affordable prices, with the figure of about $1,500 per month rent discussed as an average rate.
I'm sorry but paying $1500 a month for a 220 sq foot apartment is nothing but getting a closet and a bathroom.  Maybe for some people who rarely spend time at home, this may a good idea but I am sure for most people, it is not worth it.

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