Friday, November 30, 2012

Shock: Animal Control Officer Killed In CA

Even though they are not police offers, animal control officers still work in a dangerous environment.
From the Sacramento Bee:  Roy Marcum drove to First Street late Wednesday morning to do what what he did every day of his 14-year career: He went to care for animals in need.
It would be his last call. Marcum, a 45-year-old animal control officer, died just before noon after an assailant, hiding behind the front door of a foreclosed home in Galt, blasted him in the chest with a shotgun....
Earlier Thursday, police ended a nearly 17-hour standoff with Marcum's alleged shooter, Joseph Francis Corey, by taking him into custody at 5 a.m. in the garage of the First Street home. The arrest brought to a close a saga that involved at least five law enforcement agencies, three SWAT teams and a whole neighborhood of residents kept from their homes....
An official with the bank called animal control after Corey said he did not have a place to take his animals. So Marcum went Wednesday morning to pick them up.
Details about what happened on that front porch were not clear Thursday.
Galt police officials said Marcum, a locksmith and the locksmith's friend shared a brief verbal exchange with the suspect through the closed front door. However, David Dickinson, director of Sacramento County's animal control, said the front door was slightly ajar when they approached. He said they tried to push the door open, but found it barricaded.
Either way, officials agree that the shooter fired through the door.
The locksmith and his friend suffered minor injuries, but Marcum was mortally wounded. Paramedics pronounced him dead at a church around the corner, where he had been pulled by Galt police officers.

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I've had dealings with animal control officers in the past and they were total professionals.
It's a dangerous job because you are sometimes dealing with dangerous animals, dangerous people and dangerous situations.
RIP Officer Marcum and prayers to the your family, friends and your department.

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