Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Update: Where To Buy Powerball Lottery Tickets In Las Vegas/Nevada

So, you want to try and win $500,000,000 but you live in Las Vegas, so where to do buy the Powerball tickets?
First, don't go to Primm, NV.  There is a lottery store there and they don't sell Powerball tickets.
But you can take Hwy 93, south of town and through Boulder City and the Hoover dam and into Arizona.  There, you can go to the Last Stop convenience store, which is about 20 miles from the Nevada border, but I suspect there will be huge lines there.  The Arizona Lottery says that Rosies Diner, across the street from the Last Stop is selling tickets, but Rosies burned down about a year ago, so you can't buy your tickets there.
So, keep on going another 10-20 miles,and you will get to a town named Dolan Springs and there are several places to buy the tickets there.
Going south, you can continue on to Kingman and you will be able to find a lot places that sell the lottery tickets.
You can also go south into Laughlin and cross the border and you will end up in Bullhead City and there are numerous places to buy your tickets.
You can also find lottery outlets in Kingman and Lake Havasu City.
To the north and going up I-15 through Mesquite, you will find several places in Beaver Dam/Littlefield, AZ.
If you live in Northern Nevada, you can buy tickets in Idaho.  And if you live in Northwest Nevada, you can also go to Oregon to play.
So, if you play, good luck and hope your lines are not too long.
And if you win, you can also send a little money to this little blogger!


  1. Rosie's still sells tickets. They have a little souvenier shop that was not touched by the fire. Rosie didn't have insurance, so please help her out (especially if you see a line at The Last Stop).

    By the way, I got my tickets on my Ohio trip. Three times actually, since I was there on Wednesday and Saturday when there were no winners. Wish me luck!

  2. Oh, and by the way, though there are sometimes lines in AZ when the jackpot is high, they're nothing like the lines you see out at stateline for MegaMillions. During a medium-sized jackpot, there are no lines at all. And the drive is pretty breezy, with the new bridge.

  3. For anywone who might want to know, I called the
    California Lottery (Customer Service) Department yesterday - Tuesday 11/27 and asked why Califonia still does not participate in the Powerball Lottery. I was advised that Califonia may start participating in the Powerball Lottery next April (2013). I believe Califonia is the only state offering the Mega Lottery that does not participate in the Powerball Lottery.

  4. Went to get powerball tickets yesterday. I went by
    Last Stop, there was about 300 plus people there, then went to Rosies Diner, had about the same amount of people. Soo.... went to Dolan Springs there was about 5 people in line there....

    was in and out in less then 2 minutes

  5. I've see PowerBall lottery as well as individual lotteries and there's always just one drawing. Sometimes just one winner, sometimes split among multiple if more that one has the same numbers. From a help-the-economy standpoint wouldn't it make more sense to have one drawing for each million instead to spread the wealth?

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  6. California joined Powerball! First drawing tomorrow April 10th, 2013 - calottery.com

  7. primm has powerball now did you know that