Monday, November 26, 2012

Obamaite To Chicago Mass Transit Users: Screw You

I'm sure the poor people in Chicago who cannot afford to drive will find comfort with Obamaite Mayor Rahm Emmanuel's baby temper tantrum today.
From the Chicago Tribune: Mayor Rahm Emanuel had a message Monday for CTA riders upset about upcoming fare hikes: they’re not really fare increases, public transit remains a bargain and commuters can “make that choice” about whether to drive or take buses and trains.
“Fares stayed the same. Basic fares stayed the same, which you cannot say about gas prices,” said Emanuel in his first public comments since the CTA announced a 2013 budget proposal last week.
While it’s true the standard payment for a single CTA trip will remain $2.25, the mayor’s transit agency plans a 16 percent increase to the cost of a 30-day pass and higher jumps for one-day, three-day and seven-day passes. About 55 percent of CTA commuters use some kind of pass.
The mayor suggested commuters who don't like the new fare structure are free to get behind the wheel, setting aside the fact many Chicagoans who rely on the CTA to get to and from work don't have cars.
“Now you, as a commuter, will pick. You can either drive to work or you can take public transportation, and the standard fare will stay the same,” Emanuel said.
Under the budget proposal CTA President Forrest Claypool unveiled, the 30-day card will go up 16 percent from $86 to $100. Seven-day passes will rise 22 percent, to $28 from $23.
Three-day passes will increase 43 percent, to $20 from $14. And one-day passes will increase to $10 from $5.75.,0,793097.story
Emmanuel is just a petulant little baby and feels so threatened that someone would dare question him, especially after he was caught into a lie.
But you know what, I would love to have people drive to work in Chicago.  More air pollution, more carbon dioxide in the air, more traffic jams and less revenue for the transit system.  That will show that little bastard.
Then there is this in the article:  Emanuel talked about the CTA increases as he heralded the sewer, water main and street paving work completed this year through his signature infrastructure plan, which was funded in part by water and sewer fee increases the mayor pushed through last year.
To help pay for that work, water rates increased by 25 percent this year, to $2.51 per 1,000 gallons. Next year, they will rise another 15 percent, to $2.89 per 1,000 gallons.
The average bill for a single-family home without a meter went up from $450 last year to $572 this year, according to city estimates. Continued annual increases will raise it to about $920 in 2015.

To be honest with you, I think that is great.  you people are the one's responsible for Obama, Emmanuel, Jesse Jackson Jr. and Sr.  You ought to be taxed at 100% of your wages for giving the country these jerkoffs. 

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