Thursday, November 22, 2012

Yucca Mountain Still Has Life

From the Pahrump Valley Times: The Nov. 6 election in which President Obama was re-elected and U.S. Sen. Harry Reid remains Senate majority leader means Yucca Mountain will probably remain dead, at least politically.
But like the radioactive material it would store, the project continues to have a half-life of its own in the courts.
Nye County is one of the plaintiffs awaiting a decision by the U.S. Court of Appeals on whether the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and U.S. Department of Energy should be required to complete the license application.
Two other lawsuits have been filed over the project, consultant Cash Jaszczak said. The National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners is suing to cease payment of the .10 cent paid into the nuclear waste trust fund by ratepayers. Another suit by anti-nuclear groups asks for an environmental study of storing the material for many years while the program is in limbo.
A tireless advocate for the Yucca Mountain project who made numerous trips to Washington, D.C. and elsewhere, Commissioner Gary Hollis, will leave office after he lost a bid for his third term to Commissioner-elect Frank Carbone. But the county commission is expected to continue presenting a united front in favor of the project.
A new nuclear liaison will have to be appointed in January when a new commission chairman is elected. Hollis said it usually goes to the senior commissioner, which would be Commissioner Butch Borasky, though Commissioner Dan Schinhofen has been a strong proponent of Yucca Mountain since he was elected in 2010.
“I’ll still be the voice piece for it, just because I’m not commissioner doesn’t mean I’m not going to be working every day on Yucca Mountain. I’ll be working behind the scenes with legislators,” Hollis said.
Hollis hopes the court will rule on the completion of the license application and the safety evaluation report, which he said will show Yucca Mountain can be operated safely.
The liberals and others who oppose Yucca have not provided any intelligent excuses why Yucca Mountain and the storage of nuclear waste in years.
Yuccca is a good job provider, is safe and it is needed.  Further, U.S. taxpayers and electric users have contributed billions of dollars to the Yucca project, only to have it thrown down the drain by Crybaby/Senile/Coward Harry Reid and his buddy, President Obama.

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