Friday, November 30, 2012

Could Las Vegas/NASCAR Put On A Worse NASCAR Champions Awards Show?

I've watched the first half hour of the NASCAR awards show on the SPEED channel tonight and Las Vegas could not have put on a worst show.
First, Howie Mandel as the host of the show?  And his connection to NASCAR is what?  He even admitted this is his first year he watched NASCAR.  Too many sexual innuendos, especially for kids watching the show.  And the interview section with the drivers was just down right stupid.
The first entertainment act was Beatles Cirque du Soleil and it was horrible, just horrible.  Guess what show I'm not going to spend $100 a person for?
Finally, the announcer who announced the the front table said the champion's car was the #12 Miller Lite Dodge.  Umm, the number of the car is #2.  Idiot.
And that is the first half hour.
And the lap around the Strip sucked, compared to past years.
Las Vegas and NASCAR: Your Champions Week has been very lame/pathetic this year.  Sorry I promoted it earlier.

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