Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thanks To The Obama Economy, Time For A Second Job...Again

A couple weeks ago, it became all to apparent that my finances suck.  Living on a teacher's salary and with two kids and a wife, the paychecks just were not making it- they were pretty much spent two day after I was paid.
From a lower paycheck, mainly from increased health insurance costs- thanks ObamaCare and much, much higher living costs conspired to doom me.
Of course, I can cut down on some of my expenses- no cell phone and no Internet/cable TV are the two biggest expenses we have, other than rent and electricity in the summer time.  But I do need a phone and if I didn't have the Internet, I would be able to write this blog or find out what is going on in the world.  It would have been nice if my ex-wife would have taken responsibility and either paid child support for the kids or take the kids 3 days a week as required by law, but she does neither.  But it is what it is and I love the kids, so I will do what it takes to raise them as best as I can.
But my mandatory expenses have skyrocketed in the past couple of years.  Gas for the car has doubled, food expenses have at least doubled, utilities, especially electricity have almost tripled, school expenses for the kids are out of this world and my miscellaneous expenses have also gone up.  Some of my expenses have gone down- my entertainment expenses are almost $0, going out to eat is almost non-existent and even my beer expenses have gone down(oh, the humanity)  Finally, I have to be prepared in case the Obama Tax Hikes go into effect starting in January.  If the Obama Tax Hikes go into effect in January, I'll be losing at least $150 a school paycheck to the Federal government.
So, 3-4 days a week, I will be working at an evil Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market store, mostly being a cashier.  I've worked at previously at Wal-Mart, as a stocker, so this will be a new experience as a cashier.  Just seeing all those happy and smiley faces of the customers will certainly make my day. 
I learned a lot when I worked at Wal-Mart- mostly, that it is not an evil giant slave shop that the UFCW union thugs says it is.  If you do your job, you will succeed and the benefits the employees get are actually very good, compared to other large private sector employees.  I'm looking forward to my employee discount card and Wal-Mart stock sharing options.
So, starting next week, if the blog posts don't come as often, you will know why.  So, next time you see President Obama, please thank him for me for me having to work 2 jobs because I will be too busy working the jobs to pay for the Obama Economy we are in.


  1. Work there should lead to some interesting topics for your blog.

  2. Sorry that times are hard, Dan. I'm working two jobs now too. But to be fair, my hours dropped off in 2008, before President Obama was even elected. YES, it's taking a long time to turn around, but I can't put it all at his feet. I've gone 5 years without a raise, lost my vacation time, gotten my hours cut. I don't blame Obama, and don't entirely blame Bush. Some of it is cyclical, and some of it is policies of both parties coming home to roost. It stinks. All around. Let's hope we both can make the best of it, and in the next couple of years it turns around. By the way, which Walmart market? I'm at the Silverado one at least every week or so.

  3. At the Neighborhood Market across from the Henderson DMV on American Pacific.