Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Obama Economy: Many More People On Food Stamps

From the Washington Examiner: The number of Montgomery County and Prince George's County residents on food stamps has more than doubled since fiscal 2008, reflecting a statewide trend since the recession started, data show.
Food stamp recipients also doubled in Fairfax County, and are up in Virginia by 73 percent and in the District by 59 percent, in the same time period.
In Montgomery County, 6.5 percent of 990,000 residents are on food stamps, and in Prince George's County, 11 percent of 871,000 residents. In all, roughly 13 percent of Maryland's 5.8 million residents are on food stamps.
In Virginia, 11 percent of 8.1 million residents are on food stamps. Of Fairfax County's 1.1 million residents, 4.5 percent are on food stamps, while 22 percent of the District's 618,000 residents receive food stamps.
The growth is being caused by the recession on top of new rules under the federal stimulus package that made qualifying for benefits easier and allowed recipients to stay on the program longer.
The Obama Economy and easier ways to qualify takes more money out of the pockets of taxpayers (and loans from the Chinese and others) into the hands of people who may or may not need the Food Stamps. 
In 4 years, I wonder how many of these people will be off of  Food Stamps and other welfare or will they be addicted to the free hand outs?  My guess, is that more often than not, most of these people will still be on the Food Stamps.

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