Saturday, November 24, 2012


From the Las Vegas Sun: Because of a cyber attack, and its online sister publications and are not functioning as usual.
For several hours overnight, some users may have been unable to access the sites. Also during those hours, visitors who were able to gain access would have noticed that content hadn't been updated in some cases.
Those issues have been resolved, but for several more hours some users may experience a problem with our sites as new address information propagates across the Internet. If you try to access,, or and wind up at a different one of these four than you expect (for example, you try to go to the Sun site and wind up at the Weekly site), this is the result of incorrect site address information on the Internet. We are working to remedy this situation as soon as possible.
Greenspun Media Group, which operates the sites, is working to return site operations to normal. We're also pursuing more details about the attack and will report more information as it becomes available.
It makes me happy that this happened because the Sun and especially the editor, Brian "Coward" Greenspun is a vile and mean creature.  The creature has many enemies and so it could have been anyone.
So, to the cyber attackers: Cheers and well done.

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